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Fire Safety for Parents
and Babysitters
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What are your responsibilities?

Parent Responsibilities

Entrusting your children to the care of a babysitter is a major responsibility. As a parent, you should know your babysitter well and try to employ the same babysitter on a regular basis. Only trust people who have a good sense of responsibility and a genuine liking for children in their care. As a parent, the most important information that you can give to the babysitter is that, in an emergency, the babysitter's first priority is the children's safety.

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Before the Babysitter Arrives
  • Make sure that the children and all family members are familiar with your home escape plan including escape routes and your outside meeting place. (You may wish to post the escape plan where everyone will see it.)
  • Test all smoke alarms to make sure that they are working. Smoke alarms provide precious early warning that can make the difference between living or dying in a fire.
  • Speak to responsible neighbours so that, in an emergency, the babysitter may contact them.
  • Post emergency numbers by the phone (police, fire, ambulance). Include neighbour's name and telephone number and also the number where the babysitter can reach you.

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When the Babysitter Arrives

  • Tour the home with the babysitter. Point out the children's bedrooms and exits from those rooms.
  • Review your home escape plan with the baby-sitter. Discuss the floor plan pointing out marked exits. Show the babysitter the outside meeting place and location of your neighbours' houses.
  • Make it clear to the babysitter that if there is smoke or fire, your only concern is that everyone get out of the house quickly and safely. If the smoke alarm sounds, no one should try to locate the fire and no one should try to put it out!
  • Point out emergency telephone numbers to the babysitter and provide him or her with an emergency information sheet (see the example at back of this brochure). Note: The babysitter should keep this information sheet with him or her at all times when they are babysitting your children. They may have to leave the house quickly and run to a neighbour's.
  • Provide a flashlight for the babysitter in the event of a power failure.
  • Provide any additional information to the baby-sitter about the children's routines and special needs i.e. allergies, medical conditions and medications.

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Babysitter Responsibilities

In the event of fire

  • Always keep the safety of the children in mind. Get them to safety.
  • If you see or smell smoke, or detect an odour of gas, get the children immediately to a safe location outside the building and call the Fire Department at __________
  • Do not waste time dressing the children, even in cold weather: wrap them in a blanket or other suitable covering.
  • Do not turn on switches as this may create a spark, ignite gas vapours and cause an explosion.
  • No matter how small the fire, move the children to a safe location outside the building and call the Fire Department.
  • Never re-enter a burning building. Smoke and gases from a fire can be fatal.

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  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.
  • Keep children away from space heaters.
  • Keep children in sight at all times.
  • Always keep this brochure in a conspicuous place.

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Emergency Information for Babysitters


Family name:

Parents can be reached at:
Parents are due back at:

Neighbour's name:
Neighbour's telephone:

Important information about the children:

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Further Information

For further information, contact the Silver Lake Fire District

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